10 Effective Ways Drones Can Be Used

Drones are not only used for military purposes nowadays. They can make our lives better in many ways as the supporters eagerly point out. The executive vice president of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) says “Really, this technology is an extra tool to help an industry be more effective.”


Drones are planned to be used for delivery in many ways such as delivering food, purchases or medical support. A company called Matternet is building a network for drone-based deliveries to remote areas in Africa so that delivering medical support could be fast enough to save lives.


Amazon is planning to use drones for delivering purchased goods. Amazon says that 84% of its orders are under five pounds, and are therefore deliverable by drone. Unfortunately, using drones for this purpose is not allowed in the US for the time being. Flirtey will be the first company to allow delivery service. Zookal, an Australian company, partnered with Flirtey, a drone company, to enable fast delivery of textbooks to customers.



Drones can be very effective when it comes to firefighting, too. They can be used for spotting and tracking the fire and can actually fight with it without involving any manpower. Helicopters are already in use for this task but it is expensive and time consuming unlike the Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) which can fulfill this duty only in minutes. In addition to spotting fire, drones can chase the direction of blazes and warn the firefighters against any dangers.. Drones also can augment cell signals which is a very useful feature because fires commonly happen in areas where cell service is weak.


At the moment, a test is under construction. A team of researchers at ETH Zurich programmed drones to build and weave tensile structures. They choreographed the drones as aerial construction workers. The drone reels up a cable behind it as it zips between supports. This is done in places that building equipments cannot reach. Because there is no connection with the ground, construction elements can be moved to any location by flying over structures.


Due to their real-time camera and infrared thermal imaging, drones would be the perfect rescue machines. It can go to rescue to an area faster than any emergency personnel. It can even research the areas where it is dangerous for people to go. They can locate natural disaster victims.

Drones could be handy for probing and investigating severe weather without risking human lives. For instance, in order to locate killer hurricanes researchers selected a Global Hawk drone which has a 737 wingspan and can fly for 28 hours at a maximum height of 60,000 feet. With the help of scientific equipments, drones provided a constant stream of data about atmospheric conditions.



At present, all of the industries are in a competition with each other and they are looking for ways to gain attention. Drones can accomplish this task in the best way. Commercial drones have already gained popularity in this area of work. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) can grant companies approval to fly commercial drones under certain defined parameters, if businesses apply for permission Section 333.

Even journalist can utilize drone usage nowadays. With the help of drones, they can achieve marvelous photo or video angles which cannot be obtained easily by human hand.



Another beneficial feature of drones: involves heat sensing cameras. A team of archaeologists uncovered structures which they thought to be a part of an ancient Native American village in New Mexico by using drones. These drones have heat-sensing cameras. Therefore, they enable the researchers to see beneath the desert floor. The team managed to locate the buried structures with the help of drones.




UAVs are efficient workers at farming. They can be used for spraying crops with fertilizers and pesticides. They reduce manpower in macroscopic scales. Farmers don’t have to cover muddy roads anymore and they can save a lot of driving and gas with the help of drones. They are more useful than traditional aircrafts in terms of lowering to the ground which can increase overall yields. Drones can help farmers to see if their irrigation system is working, how the crops are growing and if the plants are sick or not.


In March 2014, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, initiated an aim to extend the reach of internet connectivity across the planet by purchasing Ascenta, a solar-powered drone.

drone6His intention was using the drones as a part of a network with linked satellites and lasers that can beam Internet from e sky.

In April 2014, Google also purchased a solar powered, ultra light-weighted drone called Titan Aerospace. Their design can fly over air traffic and will likely bring Internet access to parts of the world that have no Web access.


Professional and amateur photographers and filmmakers are supporting UAVs eagerly. They use them for image and video projects.


Drones can be used by even sport lovers for marvelous photo angles. Currently they come with mounting kits that let you attach tools at the underside of the vehicle. Civilians purchase affordable drones out of interest and let their creativity turn it into magic.


Tracking endangered species’ activity is not an easy task. However, with drones it could be accomplished. Due to its unparalleled aerial skills, drones can prevent poaching.


A team of Indonesian scientists are using drones to keep track of endangered Sumatran orangutans by watching the apes’ response to deforestation as by floating over the shrewdness.

Protecting marine mammals is not an easy task either. If a massive cargo ship would be to collide with a whale, the captain should know it beforehand because he needs miles of space for changing course or slow down the vessel. But it is not possible to know it. However, launching a drone to survey the path ahead of the ship, spotting the animals and letting it relay necessary geographic information prevents such accidents that endanger marine mammals.

Another way for protecting endangered species would be using drones to monitor them. Rather than covering the distance on the beach by food or using an ATV and crushing an unmarked turtle nest on the way, drones can be used effectively without disturbing any animals.

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